Day 75: March 16

Last week, I accepted a temporary work assignment in White Plains, NY beginning Monday, March 17.  It is for 30-45 days until they find someone permanent for the position. I’m looking forward to the challenge and the opportunity to experience the New York market. I’m also pretty excited to be so close to NYC! Therefore, the theme of this week is (Travel to/from) White Plains!

The reason I wanted to include the travel to White Plains is because we took a detour through Lancaster, PA to see the Amish way of life! It has always intrigued me and we saw so many horse-and-buggies on the road! We weren’t sure of the etiquette so just drove slowly behind until it was safe to pass. Looking at other drivers, I think you’re supposed to put on your hazards when there’s a horse-and-buggy in front of you.


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