Day 97: April 7

This scene looks like it’s the end of fall with a cold winter quickly approaching. It happens to be the opposite as it is April 7 and spring is on the horizon! I just took this photo from my seat on the train. It’s somewhere between Trenton and Newark in New Jersey (dirty Jerz?).

I have assumed a permanent position in White Plains and will be moving from Washington, DC on May 3rd! I already work there during the week which is the reason my thoughtfully planned “Cherry Blossom”-themed photo week is no longer. However, I look forward to the new adventures and photo opportunities in New York once I’m more settled in and have my dSLR with me at all times. It currently remains in Washington, DC during this transient period in which I am living out of 2 suitcases. In the meantime, I will continue to use primarily my phone as my camera and think of themes that are suitable to work and inter-city travel.

Hope you all had a nice Monday!


New Jersey

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