Day 254: September 11

The only “things with numbers” worth posting today is anything “9-11” related. I would be remiss to ignore the importance of the day.  I was off work today and watched on television as victims’ families called out the names of those who perished. It was an emotional ceremony to watch, made moreso by the fact I can see One WTC from my apartment, even though I live all the way out in Westchester. As I looked out my window, I pictured the memorial and the crowds that gathered to commemorate the day.

Maybe because I’m another year older, maybe because I live in New York now, or maybe due to the combination of both, I felt more emotional over this anniversary than any year prior. I was 13 when it happened, living in Los Angeles. I didn’t have a true understanding of what was happening 3000 miles away. I didn’t know anyone at risk and I simply just didn’t get it. But being older and being here – I have a greater understanding and the emotion of thousands of lives lost hits me a little harder. I wanted to share a #tbt picture of me when I was about 8 or so, on Liberty Island with the Twin Towers in the background (have you found it yet, Mom?).

So, I leave you with my photo from today. It is a photo from my TV as I was watching the name-calling ceremony. Never forget!

September 11

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