Day 256: September 13

Ever since I started working in New York in March, I’ve not had as much time to exercise. I can’t join a gym and go to fun Zumba classes because there’s no saying when I’ll leave the office. I stay late nearly every day and can’t commit to leaving on time because things need to get done at work! And getting up in the 5 o’ clock hour to exercise before work? Out of the question!  I settle for 7 hours of sleep, but really prefer 8. I have become very used to not exercising and actually have found myself content with just being a couch potato at times, exhausted from the work day. However, it is time to get back into it! I am hoping I’ll feel more energetic and healthy; I just have to push myself to exercise sometimes. There are certain strength machines I enjoy using, including the leg press. I need to be able to do 110 lb leg presses again, but we’re starting small at 90lbs! What do you do to keep motivated at the gym or to find the time to exercise?

leg press


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