Day 264: September 21

Sunday was a lazy day that started waking up a bit dehydrated from the night before. To overcome this, Kevin and I went to the coolest liquor store ever, not for hair of the dog, but for delicious breakfast burritos! Beach Liquor  serves up a great breakfast menu until noon for very fair prices. There are a few tables and chairs in the store to enjoy one’s meal, but you can purchase a variety of pharmacy items as well. We took PCH from Oxnard back to the Valley (via the Bachelor Mansion) for the scenic route. Due to the overwhelming happiness the beach brings me, the theme for this week is WATER. I am trying something different for this day and posting a video of the water hitting the rocks at Mugu Beach. Let’s all pretend we are there relaxing on a beautiful day such as September 21 — savoring the last couple days of summer.

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