Day 290: October 17

I had the day off from work today because I am working this weekend. I decided to visit Untermyer Park & Gardens in Yonkers to practice my photography. I love shooting pictures of gardens and thought this would be a perfect place, according to all the positive Yelp reviews. Going with the theme and to add some variety, I chose to feature this picture of some chopped logs. Seeing them reminded me of a photo I took 6.5 years ago in the Lake District in England. We were driving up a windy road and between the street and the lush, green hillside was a wall made entirely of logs. It was stunning.

Untermyer Park & Gardens was really nice! Being a Friday afternoon, there were just a few people out and relaxing (the photographer’s dream, right? No one to get in the way of your shots!). The weather couldn’t have been better and I’m really glad I went! If you are in the New York City metropolitan area, I would definitely recommend this hidden gem. I took many photos and posted select ones to my flickr pageBe sure to check it out and thanks for the support!


chopped wood

One thought on “Day 290: October 17

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