Day 300: October 27

First, I would like to take a minute to acknowledge that today is Day 300. Isn’t that crazy?! Thank you again to all of you who have been following me from the beginning or who may have just started. Your support is so appreciated and means the world. It feels like we are in the home stretch here. Any suggestions for themes is more than welcome!

It was a nice day in New York City today so I walked from Penn Station to Grand Central, where I needed to catch the Metro North. I stopped by Greeley Square Park to admire the Broadway Bites by UrbanSpace (see my Instagram photo here), but didn’t buy anything to eat. It looks like they have a lot of delicious things though!  I also waddled (yes, waddled. I was carrying 2 heavy bags.) through Bryant Park as their holiday market shops are already up!

But the most shiny thing to catch my eye on this walk? Well, the great Empire State Building of course! Not only does it shine and reflect light during the day, it shines a variety of news appropriate colors at night.  I really love this building. It’s certainly a very special icon. I even follow it on Twitter.


Empire State Bldg

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