Day 344: December 10

In order to brew the perfect tea, it is important to steep it at the appropriate temperature. Different kinds of teas (ie: green, white, black, oolong, etc), require different water temperatures in order to steep most effectively. If water is too hot for the type of tea, it can actually cause the tea to taste bitter. Oversteeping (letting the leaves sit in the water too long) can also cause the tea to taste bitter. It’s important to follow the designated steeping time for each flavor.

This electric kettle is one of my favorite household purchases I’ve ever made. I got this at least 3 years ago and it’s still in great shape. All I have to do is fill it with water, put it on the base, plug it in, and select the appropriate temperature for the tea I am making. To make it even more convenient, it tells you which tea corresponds to which temperature. Amazing and highly recommended for your home!


Electric Kettle

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