Day 355: December 21

This is the week of Christmas, Kwanzaa & Boxing Day, and Chanukah is still upon us! The obvious theme for this week (and yes, we’re going obvious) is HOLIDAY DECOR. Time to get festive!

This first photo is of Bella, the family dog, in front of the Christmas tree. It looks like she could be singing along to Maroon 5’s “Animal,” howling away. I was able to get a better bokeh effect using stationary objects but I really wanted to include the animals.  Kevin will definitely be acting as my model when he arrives for the holiday. You have fair warning. 🙂

Bella and Christmas Tree

Also – it may be a new week, but we cannot forget to reveal the last Guess the Picture! See below for the result!






Advent Calendar

If you guessed an Advent Calendar, you’d be correct! Thanks for playing and/or liking!

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