Day 365: December 31

2014 365 Project: Check!

Today marks the last day of my project and it’s a bit more emotional than I thought it would be. I can’t believe a year has gone since I started. I remember taking my first picture. It was New Year’s Day, of course, and my roommate, my boyfriend and I stayed in pjs all day watching TV & movies (as you do). I went out onto our balcony in my bright orange giraffe pj’s and a coat trying to get the right shot of the air traffic control tower at DCA.  Success! That marked the beginning of a whirlwind year and this cupcake marks the end.

I chose a birthday cupcake with which to celebrate, because that’s sort of what this feels like.

I am very proud of completing this project, even if I’m not particularly proud of all of my pictures. There were times when regular day-to-day life was so busy or stressful, I found it difficult to be able to capture something great. I ended up using my iPhone a lot more than originally intended, just to be able to capture something for the day. In hindsight, I feel that toward the end of the year, the use of weekly themes became more restrictive than I wanted. For 2015, I have new plans:

  • No more weekly themes! I’m going to post photos of whatever is speaking to me on a given day. This includes being able to participate in other blog challenges.
  • No more date titles. The days of “Day XXX: Date” are over. I want to be more creative.
  • More substance. It won’t be solely about a picture a day. Content-driven posts with photos to supplement is absolutely acceptable, too. It’s a blog, right?
  • Use my dSLR more frequently!! Don’t let life get in the way of using such a powerful and beautiful tool! I want to understand it even better. I’m always happier when I’m posting a daily photo that was taken with that camera. Regardless, I will still use my phone and may even feature photos from my Instax.

I have said it before but I can never say it enough – thank you so much to all of my family, friends and followers for your support and encouragement over the year! It means so much to share my photos with all of you. I’d also like to give a special shout-out to the following bloggers who topped my list of “liked” posts. Your continual likes did not go unnoticed and encouraged me further! Special thanks to: Andrea | Cooking with a Wallflower, Dan Frugalberg | Life Lived Simply, Cruz Cheetah | Alex and Cruz, and Leanne Cole Photography. I urge you to visit all of their wonderful blogs!

Be on the lookout for a less-regimented, more relaxed Daily Snap for 2015 🙂

Best wishes to you as you ring in the New Year! Have fun, drink champagne and be safe! See you next year!


10 thoughts on “Day 365: December 31

  1. Ashley,
    I’m proud of your photography achievements, your very lucky to have a creative outlet. Keep learning and you will love photography even more.

    With lots of Love . . .
    Happy New Year,


  2. Ashley, Congratulations on completing; I posted what should have been my final “365” today and realised that it was “364”! I’ve checked and can’t find where I lost one so I’m doing an extra one tomorrow as I’m a bit of a pedant about things like that. Most interestingly your thoughts about 2015 are almost identical to mine I think it’s a result of having to do one every day, anyway Good Luck and Happy New Year, we’ll see where it goes …..


  3. What a great thing to say to your followers. You’re a very talented photographer, & writer and a nice person on top of it.
    I will continue to follow you always. Maybe I’ll make the list next year. haha.


  4. I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts about your experiences with the 365 project. I just started my own; practice for a week and starting yesterday. I am looking forward to seeing how your year progresses and will take your advice and check the other blogs you mentioned. Happy new 365!


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