KBBQ – Delicious Eats

January 3, 2015

Tonight, Kevin and I indulged in a delicious Korean BBQ (KBBQ) buffet. We ordered beef ribeye (bulgogi) and beef short ribs (kalbi) that were cooked right at our table. This photo is of the kalbi heating up (notice the smoke). Kevin added the garlic and jalapenos to the grill.

In the back, you’ll find the lettuce and radishes to accompany the meat. The idea is to make a sort of lettuce wrap, or ssambap in Korean. I strayed from tradition and ate the meat and fried rice together with chopsticks. I hope that is okay!

To supplement the meat and/or ssambap, the buffet includes a variety of food items such as, but certainly not limited to, sushi, dumplings, kimchi pancake, fried zucchini, and pickled..everything! It’s really delicious but you must only go to a place like this on a very empty stomach. It’ll set you back about $20 + tip, a fair price for what’s offered.


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