Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Express Yourself.”

January 25, 2015

Express myself. Hmm. At first I thought the broad nature of this photo challenge made it more difficult, but then it came to me as if it were the most obvious photo I could ever present to you.

I believe this photo to be a great expression of myself. I took it a month ago, which isn’t really my style to post old pictures, but I couldn’t avoid the necessity of using it. Plus, I edited it today specifically for the challenge so I think it’s semi-acceptable in my rule book.

My favorite animal of all-time is the giraffe. When I was a baby, my parents outfitted my room with plenty of giraffe toys and decorations, in essence forcing me to become fond of the gentle giant. I went to the zoo the day after Christmas and my boyfriend and I had such a joyful time feeding the giraffes from our hands. There were so many! I caught this giraffe chomping away on some leaves.

I wanted the picture – this picture – to capture the true essence of their height and grandeur. I spent some time in Photoshop making sure this adorable creature was popping out of its own frame!

This challenge allowed me to present to you not only my favorite animal but my desire and efforts to be creative and better understand this photographic/photoshopped world.

Thank you! I hope you like it!

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