It’s Groundhog Day. It’s Groundhog Day.

February 2, 2015

Aw, c’mon Phil – why’d you have to go and see your shadow?? It’s getting to be a little too cold for comfort and I’m over it.

In any case, this post really has nothing to do with Groundhog Day, but I felt we should recognize it.

For this day in my 365 Project, I wanted to be “adventurous” and try something new. I’ve toyed around with shutter speed on my camera, and some of my favorite personal photos/results have come from that experimentation (such as airplane trail lights and long exposure light reflections). Today, I wanted to be the subject of the long exposure. I put on my most flowy dress and twirled around while the camera processed for 4 seconds. It’s certainly not a “beautiful” picture, but an interesting experiment that has me looking like I have a couple heads..

One thought on “It’s Groundhog Day. It’s Groundhog Day.

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