Photo Challenge: Scale

February 8, 2015

In response to The Daily Post’s photo challenge: “Scale.”

About to take the dog for a walk and what do we see but a bright red Porsche in the middle of our neighborhood street. This car can certainly take the curves of the roads with ease.

model Porsche

However, closer inspection reveals that not all images are what they seem….objects in mirror are smaller than they appear. What is the reality of this image and why is this my submission for the scale challenge? Read more to find out!

Porsche set-up 1

Object is much smaller than it appears! The Porsche is actually a model car! I recently saw a commercial advertising the DC car show that was made to look like all these awesome cars (vintage and modern) were driving the streets of the District, when in fact, they were models! I knew I wanted to try to replicate the same effect (forced perspective). Per the prompt, I wanted to create something double-take worthy. I brought out an old tv table and put a plastic roof shingle sample on top of it— and voila–I had my elevated street!



For true scale, the car is larger than my hand!

Forced perspective is something that a lot of people attempt to do without much thought – such as all those photos of people holding up or pushing down the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The options are really endless with this technique and I look forward to toying around with it some more in the future – pun intended!

17 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Scale

  1. You made me laugh and laugh…couldn’t believe the car wasn’t a real one. What a great idea…how did you come up with it. Wow,this is why I follow your Blog, i.e. the images you see are not always what they appear to be.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I knew I needed to elevate it when I shot it on ground directly and it still looked very much like a model. I’m glad you enjoy my blog and appreciate all of your commentary!


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