Happy National Umbrella Day

February 10, 2015

Americans may only have 10 Federal holidays per year, but there are many more that may or may not be worth celebrating. One of my personal favorites falls on September 19 and is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Today’s holiday is probably not as well-known as that one, but I felt like celebrating it for the sake of capturing a fitting photo.

Happy National Umbrella Day to all of you! I never knew this existed until today when I saw some random Tweets and news articles about it. My Fox Boston suggests celebrating the day by learning about umbrella superstition, learning how to care for umbrellas, decorating your umbrellas, buying an umbrella for someone special, etc.

The latter is exactly what happened to me! For Christmas, my dear boyfriend bought me the umbrella of my dreams. It has sat on my Amazon wish list for years. When I had decided that I wanted to purchase it, it was no longer sold at the store! But Kevin, being resourceful as he is, found it elsewhere and made sure I could take it off my wish list this year.

And fitting, it did rain this morning [in Virginia, USA]. The ground is wet and the skies are gloomy. I’d call it a perfect National Umbrella Day. I decided to showcase mine by resting it on a bird feeder outside.

To see what other random holidays may be approaching, be sure to check out Daysoftheyear.com! Maybe it will inspire your next blog post!

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