Productive Hibernation

February 15, 2015

Don’t let the sun fool you! Wind chills are making it feel like negative 5 outside. For that reason, I’m staying in today! There is no reason I need to subject myself to this torturous weather that is so inhumane. I am in Richmond, VA now and this is totally not standard, especially for my California born and bred blood!

Anyway, might as well be productive! I did something that I officially resolve (you heard it here first!) to do more often: Clean my make-up brushes. Seriously, mine are so old that I think I’m better off starting fresh and then keeping up with the cleaning, but for now, I’m cleaning them.

It’s not that hard, either! All you have to do is run lukewarm water in your sink, wet a bar of soap, wet the bristles, and rub the bristles onto the bar of soap. You’ll see your make-up start coming off immediately. Pat dry on a paper towel after. Just make sure you don’t completely soak your brush. You don’t want the barrel to get wet because then it’ll loosen up and the bristles are more likely to come out.

After I post this I’m going to clean my cell phone screen. Then it’s on to nice, clear skin, right??

make-up brushes

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