An Exciting Announcement!

February 17, 2015

I have been wanting to write this post for a long while now, but superstitious me didn’t want to jinx anything, either!

It is with great excitement I announce that Kevin and I will soon be moving to CheongJu, South Korea! That’s right – we have secured employment (a couple’s position) at a school and will be teaching English to kindergarten – elementary students. We couldn’t be more excited! (Throw in a little nerves and anxiety there, too.)

The reason I waited until now to post this is because we finally received our visa issuance numbers from Korean immigration. It took longer than normal but we are going at the start of the school year, so immigration is slammed around this time (over 1,500 teachers are moving to Korea this month alone). However, I feel so much relief that immigration approved our applications (which were submitted to them after we signed a contract with a school).

All is not yet complete. After receiving our VIN’s on Monday night, Kevin and I both headed to the post office on Tuesday to overnight our passports and visa applications to the nearest Korean Consulate (pictured here). Our flight will be booked last minute, once we both receive back our passports with visas affixed. I am expecting we will have that by next Wednesday. Fingers crossed!

I look forward to sharing our experiences in Korea here on The Daily Snap. I will continue with the 365 Project for 2015 but will be adding in informative posts on the logistics of securing a teaching job in Korea and what my experience was like. When I was researching, I couldn’t read enough blogs about teachers’ personal experiences with the process, and I want to contribute to that and hopefully help some aspiring teachers along the way.

Kevin will be starting a blog to document our adventures as well and I will link to it when he has it set-up. Additionally, we will be sharing videos on our to-be-created vlog! We hope you will join us on this adventure!


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