Taking Aim

February 24, 2015

At this point, we’re just killing time waiting for Kevin’s visa to arrive so we can get on a plane to Korea. His has taken over the 5-business day turnaround promised by the Chicago consulate. Yesterday, they said they would be sending it out today for arrival tomorrow which would have us getting to Korea after our training on Saturday. Not ideal, as we have never taught before and could certainly gain value from a formal training session, but it’ll have to work out the way it is. Hopefully it’s not further delayed. Regardless, it’s all out of our control and quite stressful, if you ask me. One day makes quite the difference!

Conveniently, our plans for the day after hearing this news involved the potential de-stressor of visiting a shooting range. Now, this was my first time shooting any sort of gun besides a BB at summer camp. When we walked into the bay, I was immediately overwhelmed by the internal pounding I felt with every shot a particular man took (he had some sort of mega gun). Luckily, he left at some point so I could better focus. It is really scary to pull the trigger the first time, not knowing exactly how the recoil will feel in my hands. I got a little more comfortable with the pistol after shooting a few times, but definitely felt better with the softer feel of the rifle. My aim wasn’t too far off with that one either.

Our target is the one on the right, and it looks crooked in the picture because I took it right after I moved it back and apparently it was still swaying. Oops!

Take Aim

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