Visa Update / My Life in 100+ Pounds

February 27, 2015

I have had my visa since the 21st. Apparently the DC consulate is extremely efficient and the Chicago consulate takes a bit more time…we’ve been waiting and waiting for Kevin’s visa to arrive.

Tracking below for Kevin’s visa (originally expected to be received by Wednesday, Feb. 25 so we could depart Thursday, Feb. 26). Expectations derived from the Chicago consulate’s 5-business day turnaround for visa processing and overnight return delivery. Please note dates below.

February 25, 11:56PM: Arrived at USPS Facility, Bedford Park, IL

February 26, 4:02AM: Departed USPS Facility, Bedford Park, IL




February 27, 6:03AM: Commence freak out that no further tracking has been updated. Is visa lost? Did it fall off a truck? Called Bedford Park warehouse – “check again at 10am.” Will I have to go to Korea without Kevin? How long will it take to get a new passport and visa? Mind fried. Can’t sleep.

February 27, 8:13AM: Arrived at USPS Origin Facility, Omaha, NE. Thank God. I can sleep now. (But really? 28 hours??)

February 27, 8:27AM: Departed USPS Facility, Omaha, NE

February 27, 9:24AM: Arrived at Post Office, Papillion, NE

February 27, 11:34AM: Kevin and I are like doggies waiting for their owner to come home; glued to the window, waiting for the postman. USPS truck drives by the house.

No, come back! We’re right here! It’s for us!

Truck keeps driving. Still no visa. Then – we fall silent. Is that the sound of the truck motor coming back this way? Could it be? It is! He stops right in front of the house and Kevin goes outside to greet him, exchanging handshake for visa. We might be two days late, but now, my friends, we are ready to fly to Korea!!

Our flights tomorrow are as follows:

6:00AM: Omaha to Chicago

12:00PM: Chicago to Seoul

(After that we take a bus from Incheon Airport to Cheongju which could take nearly 3 hours)

Time for last minute packing, setting travel notices, squeals of excitement and feelings of anxiety!

Here’s all my stuff to last me a year. I say 100+ pounds because this is what I brought when I flew from DC to Omaha last week. My bags were 51 and 51.5 pounds, and hopefully that will be acceptable to the airline crew tomorrow as well. Not to mention the ~30-40 additional carry-on pounds. I don’t even want to know how heavy they are. I can’t even lift my own backpack to put it in the overhead.

But hey!! We’re going to Korea tomorrow!!! After 7 months of planning and waiting, our adventure begins!!


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