E-2 Health Exam / Pictorial Menu Ordering

March 9, 2015

This morning, the 4 of us foreign teachers had our health examination at a local hospital. This is a requirement for all foreign teachers here; they want to make sure you are not bringing any diseases or drugs into their country. The results are sent to immigration and you cannot be employed if you fail it. You will be sent home at your own expense. The exam consisted of the following:

  • Brief dental check: Literally, the dentist just looked at my teeth with the aid of a popsicle stick.
  • Height check
  • Hearing check
  • Vision check
  • Blood pressure check
  • Chest measurement check
  • Chest Xray
  • Urine Sample
  • Blood Sample
  • Brief meeting with doctor: Lungs look good, blood pressure looks good, etc.

Unfortunately and quite concerning for me is that the hospital called and they need to see me back. They wouldn’t tell the school director why because he is not me, but I have to go back tomorrow morning. I’m not sure if because I’m sick already and still without a voice, perhaps the ibuprofen I took last night affected my blood or urine test in some way? False positive maybe? Despite the fact I have discomfort from being sick, I will not be taking any meds this evening as I prepare for my second go at the health check. Really hoping I’m okay here. I didn’t think I had anything to worry about before.

[UPDATE: The doctor wanted to talk to me because some of my “levels” were off, but when I showed him the ibuprofen I took, he attributed my results to the medication and passed me.]

After school, Kevin and I went to our first Korean restaurant for dinner by ourselves. We need to go to restaurants with pictures so we can point at what we want. I pointed to something that looked good and it wasn’t bad but it was certainly a surprise…

korean food

Don’t be fooled by the resemblance to pasta. It may be a noodle restaurant, but…

First off, kimchi seems to come with every meal like bread used to in America (and still does at some restaurants). I’m not complaining about that, though! Also, my heart-shaped rice is awesome! Otherwise, turns out this dish included cabbage salad and cabbage/onions & octopus (how much cabbage can I eat??). Now, I’m not an octopus fan but a couple pieces I had before I realized what it was weren’t bad. They are saturated in spicy Korean sauce, anyway. But when I found some pieces that had suction cups on them, my mental taste aversion got the best of me. May or may not have stopped at Paris Baguette and bought a cinnamon roll on the way home. 🙂

Noodles Tree

Noodles Tree Restaurant

I’m actually pleased because I am able to read some things on Korean menus, thanks to loan words! For instance, I read “mini mandu salad” and we ended up getting that tonight. Saturday night, I read “mozzarella pasta.” It’s really cool how it works out like that sometimes! Unfortunately, the majority of words I can read, I don’t understand, so pictures are normally the safer bet. Kevin’s smart and always gets what appears to be, and turns out to be, breaded chicken.

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