Spring Cleaning

March 8, 2015

The plan for Sunday was clean, clean clean. In Korea, when residents of an apartment vacate, they are not required to clean the apartment. Neither is there a management team ensuring a proper and hygienic turnover between residents, as is standard in the US. Coming from a property management background myself, this is not my favorite aspect of Korean culture.

The previous residents of our apartment did clean, but not enough that I couldn’t see the thick layer of dust on the “range hood” or the hair in the shower drain (though it could have been a lot worse overall, I suppose…). So acknowledging this rite of passage and in true Korean fashion, Kevin and I started our scrubbing! First, I had to clean the leftover cleaning sprays because the bottles were dusty and gross. Then, we tackled the bedroom, since that’s where we’ve been spending the most time (it’s the only room with seating as we have yet to purchase a couch). I’m pretty sure that no one has ever cleaned under the bed in the past X years it’s been occupied by teachers. The dust bunnies hares were plentiful, complete with dried contacts and other soot. Korea is a really dusty country it seems, given its proximity to China, and even things that didn’t look dirty turned the paper towels black.

We pretty much managed to organize our closet space and empty our suitcases, so it’s nice to not be living out of those anymore. Even though we haven’t cleaned the living room and not all of the kitchen or bathroom space, this place already feels more like a home since we can be comfortable in at least one room. When I’m walking around the bedroom I don’t feel as if I have to wear my slippers so my feet/socks don’t get full of dust and grime. I still feel that way elsewhere but we’ll fix it soon! And hopefully within the next couple weekends we’ll film and edit our apartment tour video so you can all see the digs!

Because I really don’t think you want to see pictures of dust and other gross things from our cleaning yesterday, I’ll leave you with a photo of part of the Dunkin Donuts menu. It’s up the street from our apartment and I picked up some breakfast sandwiches yesterday, along with green tea. I ended up getting a green tea latte which I’ve never had before but it was quite good!


Also, we finally got to watch The Bachelor: The Women Tell All! Who is it gonna be? No spoilers here, please!! I’m hoping we can watch it the day after it airs but I’ll have to lay low on social media until I can!

Women Tell All

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