Just Another Tuesday

March 10, 2015

As a follow-up to the last post, I visited the doctor again in the morning. Basically, there were “minor problems” found with my blood test, but they can be attributed to the ibuprofen and being sick. He passed me and now I can officially get my ARC (alien registration card) which will allow me to do things like get a bank account, have insurance, and get a sim card.

The day at school was pretty good. Tuesdays are my favorite day because I only teach kindergarten and have no extra elementary classes, which means more time for lesson planning and whatnot. On Tuesdays, I have “Special Brain Up” class with my 7 year olds. “Special Brain Up” is like “Brain Up” (recess) but more organized play where I am involved. This is the class where we would do things like build an obstacle course and teach the kids words like “over,” “under,” “through,” “around,” etc. I did a snake game (not sure of the real name), where I had 2 teams of 3 that stood in a line. Each person says a word of a statement and passes the ball back. When the person in the back says his/her word, s/he moves to the front and that is how the line progresses. First team to make it to the finish line wins!

Here is an action shot of my kids playing the game:

Snake Game

After lunch and regular “brain up,” the kids go to their immersion classes. I am the cooking teacher! Those who know me understand what an oxymoron that is. I’m a terrible cook and I don’t really enjoy it either! Fortunately, it seems like I can handle these kid-friendly recipes. Last week we made edible bracelets. This week we are making toast and jam. I hate jam but the kids love it! I teach all the kindergarten homerooms, meaning 8 classes per week.

Here’s some of the cute 5 year olds eating their toast:

cooking 1

And here’s the pics of my two 4 year olds, Jaden and Haenah! (This is my other homeroom class along with the 7’s):

JadenIMG_5772They are too cute for words.

Lastly, our director bought us all rice burgers for dinner. Oh my gosh, best thing ever. I had no idea this was such an amazing treat. Can’t wait to eat more!

rice burger

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