Kids Love Kevin Teacher!

March 11, 2015

Not too much to say about Wednesday. Here’s a picture of the kids climbing all over Kevin Teacher! They certainly love him.

Kevin Teacher

After work, we took a cab to EMart (a la Wal-Mart) and there was actually a McDonald’s there, and the quarter pounder tasted absolutely delicious! The ice cream cones cost less than 50 cents (USD) so you bet we indulged in that as well. No fish filets on the Korean menu, but certainly the bulgogi burger and a new burger called the 1955. We need to learn the words for certain foods in Korea so we can do better at Korean restaurants. Dining out at night is kind of a chore without that knowledge!

We also bought a memory foam mattress pad which means we are no longer sleeping on a rock! Cheers to good nights’ sleep!

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