The Search for Western Food

March 12, 2015

Today was the first day that school lunch wasn’t that appetizing to me. I had rice, chicken soup, and kimchi, but the fried mushrooms and whatever else was offered (I don’t actually know what a lot of things are unless I ask) was not appetizing to me. Honestly, I’m pleasantly surprised that up until today I have enjoyed the daily lunch. I have also enjoyed the daily snack with the exception of the fried rice with anchovies. I couldn’t even pick around them there were so many. Or I would try to pick around them and would find an anchovy eye staring back at at me. Ugh.

For dinner, we wanted to go to the “Apple B Buffet” (basically an Applebee’s buffet) but it seems to have closed down. We found the pedestrian bar walk, essentially, which was really cool. There were many bars and restaurants on this strip of road and at 7pm on a Thursday they were all empty. Korea is the “land of the morning calm” and many people are night owls, so I’m assuming it gets busier later in the night.

Here’s a picture of the pedestrian road. Our director says it’s pretty hoppin’ in the summer and weekends.

Sannam Dong

We found a restaurant/bar that served Western food with some Korean influence. For instance, I got the “hot carbonara tteokbokki” (rice cakes). Apparently it attracts enough foreigners that they have this sign at every table:

foreigners guide

And here is the dish:

hot carbonara

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