Weekend #2

Here’s an update on our second weekend in Korea.

March 14, 2015

Slept in late because I’m still sick and the more sleep I can get, the better. For breakfast, I took myself to a little superfood cafe called Green Bottle. There was enough English for me to realize they sell acai bowls and fresh juice drinks. I ordered a medium acai bowl and asked for an orange juice. Apparently they don’t have orange juice, only detox juices. I figured, what the hey, I could use as many nutrients as possible. I ordered a small detox juice that was filled with kale, spinach, orange, and other healthy goodness. This breakfast was probably the most expensive meal I have had in Korea (oops – prices are not displayed), and I didn’t even know if I would like it. I waited 10 minutes for them to make it fresh and when they brought it to my table I was so impressed!

How beautiful is this breakfast:

acai bowl

If you’ve never had one before, the bowl is filled with a thick smoothie-like puree of acai, which tastes delicious! They top it with granola and various fruits, as you can see here, and you eat it with a spoon. I think I’ll have to treat myself to this breakfast once a month; it’s divine!

After indulging in the most awesome of breakfasts, I started my search for celery. As the cooking teacher, I need to buy the ingredients for every week and I get reimbursed later. The problem is that I don’t know what they sell in Korea. Some things that we are used to back home can only be found at stores like Costco or the markets around the US military bases. That is highly inconvenient for me so I’m trying to pick accessible ingredients. After looking at 2 grocery stores in our neighborhood where the closest thing to celery I found was Bok Choy, I resorted to posting in the CheongJu Facebook group. A kind local expat guided me to Lotte Mart, a $6 cab ride away where I did indeed found my celery!!

At Lotte Mart we also found sacrificial foods…

Sacrificial Foods

I believe in this context, this means junk food, as opposed to food being used as an offering to a higher purpose.

When we got back from Lotte Mart, we met up with the nice young couple we met the night before and a couple of their friends, one of whom lives right across from us. We all went to dinner at the place above Burger King which offers steak, pasta, pizza, etc. I had garlic pizza and it was actually delicious. After, we got cupcakes from Oh La La, the French-owned bakery right next to our school, and then went to WA Bar which is a Korean-chain bar. I just went to enjoy the company since I’m sick, but for everyone else it was the first stop of a Korean St. Patrick’s Day celebration! Since the 4 others had ordered a couple drinks/shots, our server brought us out complimentary french fries and tator tots. That is called “service” in Korea. It’s great!

When we were leaving the bar, we went up front to divide the check, and the cashier was right next to this large table of Korean guys. They started talking to Kevin and me and invited us to drink beer with them. As uncustomary as it is in this country, we had to decline at the time since I was headed home to nurse my cold and the others were headed to the Irish bar for a true celebratory evening, but we made plans for next Saturday! One of the guys is actually a photographer and has a really cool Instagram page where he takes photos of his handshakes with all the new people he meets. He took a photo of Kevin which you can see by going here: https://instagram.com/5555k5555/ (if you are viewing this long after I posted, it will no longer be the first picture that shows up). We look forward to meeting up with them next Saturday!

March 15, 2015

Not too much to report on today. More hours spent scrubbing and cleaning this place. We ordered a couch and it should get delivered early this week. Then we really just need to get a monitor and we’ll be pretty much all set.

We went to Daiso and bought some kitchen things we needed, like these awfully adorable mugs that were only 2,000 KRW each!:

adorable mugs

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