Green Day / Special Delivery

March 17, 2015

I’m not talking about the band! Our school celebrates a color day once a month, and quite fitting, St. Patrick’s Day was designated as Green Day! For this Green Day, the kids went to their normal first period class, and then were divided into 7’s and 4, 5 and 6’s (“age”). Kevin Teacher gave the presentation on St. Patrick’s Day to the 7 year old’s. Gina Teacher gave a more generic green presentation to the younger kids. After, each set of kids completed an obstacle course we put together for them. The obstacle course was the path over the rainbow to find the pot of gold!

After the obstacle course, we had lunch and helped the kids decorate their candy collecting buckets. All the teachers hid candy all over the school and in a matter of 10 minutes, it was all gone! The kids got to take home their own little pots of candy gold.

I’ve not been that diligent at taking photos because I have to be very hands on at school. After realizing I missed some good moments, I tried to snap a couple quick shots of the treasure hunt. Here’s an action shot of our little leprechauns searching for their gold.

green day

After kindergarten we heard the great news that our couch we ordered last week would be delivered very shortly!! Kevin and I were able to run home and meet the delivery truck. The driver was very kind and helped us Kevin bring the big box into our apartment and set it up for us! Here’s a photo of the truck, and the driver getting our couch off of the back…

delivery truck

Not exactly the FedEx-type truck one might expect or is used to back home! Does the trick though, eh? We ordered from GMarket which is a Korean online marketplace (eBay owns the majority of GMarket, actually).

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