March 20, 2015

Happy first day of Spring! It’s definitely starting to feel spring-ish here in Korea and for that I am excited and grateful. I think arriving during a seasonal change was not helpful to my health but I welcome the warmer weather with wide open arms.

For dinner on Friday, Kevin and I found a mandu restaurant basically around the corner from our apartment. For those of you who don’t know, mandu, or 만두, are Korean dumplings. A kind Korean gentleman helped us read the menu, and ordered our dinner for us. That’s the first time we’ve had assistance which was actually quite nice for a change. Anyway, the menu is simple and consists of just a few things: steamed mandu, spicy steamed mandu, fried mandu, spicy fried mandu and mandu soup. We both ordered the fried mandu and, naturally, Kevin had the spicy and I had the regular.


These are the largest mandu I have seen yet! I took this photo with my phone and I’m surprised and happy you can see a lot of detail in the texture of the dumplings.

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