Accidental Dorks

March 22, 2015

Not too much to report for this day. We slept in late (’til around 11:30, which isn’t late to Korean standards at all. That would be maybe 4pm after staying out til 6am) but still felt pretty tired. We tried to scope out the A-Top Fitness Center which we kind of found. We located the building in which it is but weren’t able to access its top floor location. We’ve seen the lights on and people running on treadmills from afar during weeknights. Perhaps it is closed on the weekend? The elevator literally wouldn’t go to the floor. We had the same experience when we tried to eat at “Apple B.”  I took some pictures of signs I still need to translate so I can figure it out. I honestly can’t wait to join a gym. We eat rice cakes on top of rice at school quite frequently, and have mastered the art of the Chupa Chup vending machines….you get 2-4 lollipops for every 50 cents…

Anyway, on our way back from the “gym”, we took pictures in this cut-out. I think Kevin’s is pretty good so I’m sharing it here! And actually, I literally just translated this and the Korean means “dork” hahaha. Oops – maybe we wouldn’t have taken it had we known. I think this makes us bigger dorks!


4 thoughts on “Accidental Dorks

  1. lol that’s funny! chon-nom literally translates to something like “country fellow” but in a slightly more offensive way. Seoulites may refer out-of-towners as “chonnom” in a way to mock them.

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