Rest of Week 4 Workweek

Apologies for the delay in posting! I’ve either been too busy or too tired to post at night so figured I would group a few quick days together in one post.

March 25, 2015

Once a month, our school has a birthday party honoring the kids who turned another age older during that month. The celebration is full of games, singing, fruit, rice cake balls, and cake! It’s a really nice thing for the kids and they are so excited for every party. We only had 2 March birthdays and here’s a photo of the kids on the stage while the rest of the school sang them “Happy Birthday,”

March birthday

March 26, 2015

After work we went to Home Plus which is kind of like a mega Wal-Mart. Depending on which one you go to, it’s 2 or 3 floors of home goods, clothes, shoes, electronics, appliances, books, and groceries. We can find pretty much anything for which we are looking (not food-wise, but you know..). It’s a great store and I really enjoy our outings. So, here is a picture of a really cool LG TV they sell. Vintage aesthetics with modern technology. I like it!


March 27, 2015

Friday night we had one of the best meals since we’ve been here. Kevin noticed a Chinese restaurant from the window of his classroom and we decided to check it out. We were pretty certain it wouldn’t be American-style Chinese food but took a chance. We ordered the “hungry set” (“set” in Korea basically means “meal” – so at Burger King, if you want the meal instead of just the burger, you ask for the “set”). This “hungry set” was 20,000 KRW (~$20 USD) and came with Pepsi, 4 heart-shaped rice balls, table-heated ramen with an egg cracked on top, and a huge plate of sweet & sour chicken. Oh. My. God. It was so delicious. The sweet & sour chicken honestly did taste like American Chinese food–or honestly, even better. We ate every last piece.

Here’s a photo of the heart-shaped rice balls. The rice here is generally of a purple tint because it’s made with beans in an effort to make it more healthy. Luckily, I’m not able to taste the beans or else I might not eat the rice. There’s also bits of seaweed and tuna mixed into the ball. Sounds kind of gross when you think about it but it’s actually quite good.

rice cake balls

And here’s our beautiful table.

chinese food

We were stuffed all night. This place is awesome and we will probably return more often than we should! Mmmm…

4 thoughts on “Rest of Week 4 Workweek

  1. Love the kids celebrating their March birthday. You should have been up there with them. The food does look delicious – the table set-up was lovely. Can you bring home those rice cakes when you return. They look yummy. Glad you had a nice time.

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  2. Next time you go to a Korean Chinese food restaurant, try the 짜장면. It’s noodles with black bean sauce. It’s so delicious, all of the children love it.

    Those are probably strips of sweet and sour pork. They’re called 탕수육. Also delicious. I love the pineapple wedges.

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