Teacher Treats

March 30, 2015

At least once a week, one of our students’ parents will bring treats to school for all the teachers to share. We have been given anything from pizza & fried chicken, cinnamon bread & strawberry juice, iced coffee, and today, boxes of assorted macarons! Of course, I ate all 5 of my macarons… 3 upon receipt and 2 for dessert. As soon as I get my Alien Registration Card (should be tomorrow), I will be joining the gym down the street!! I had never had these before coming to Korea but they are delish! Thank you, Parents!


4 thoughts on “Teacher Treats

    • I’ve been taking much less rice at school during lunch and not having seconds of it. My problem is I am hungry and then eat a lot of whatever at dinner. I hope to find something that works for me soon!


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