Excuse me, I’m looking for some kimch– Steve Maddens, please.

April 6, 2015

After a visit to the gym (yes, I have finally utilized my membership and my work-out routine has officially started!), I decided to pass through the market (really not “super”) to see if there was anything healthy-ish I could pick up for dinner. Produce in Korea is extremely expensive and it’s really hard for me to get on board with paying those kinds of prices. Perhaps after we get our first paycheck on Friday I will feel differently. After perusing through the dried squid, spam, kimchi and ramen, I ran into something I’ve not seen in a grocery store before — shoes for sale!!

NH ShoesHow often do you go to the grocery store for some bread and think to yourself, “Man, I really wish I could buy shoes here so I don’t have to go to DSW later.” Well, if you’ve thought that before, your dreams have come true in my neighborhood.  Come visit! I’m sure it won’t last long…

Well, I didn’t walk out of there with new shoes, or any food for that matter. I did end up stopping by one of the sidewalk fruit sales and bought a carton of strawberries for 4,000 KRW (~$4) which sure beats the $8 prices inside the store! Ashley – 1, Strawberries – 0.


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