Pretty & Cute Korea

This post is for today and yesterday.

April 7, 2015

Kevin and I met up with another couple for dinner at a kimbap/gimbap place in Shinae (downtown). I hadn’t heard of gimbap before coming to Korea, and was very against eating it at first due to its physical similarities to hosomaki sushi, of which I have never been a fan particularly due to the seaweed. The literal translation of gimbap is “seaweed rice” (gim = seaweed, bap = rice). Pictured here are some tuna gimbaps and cream cheese gimbaps, both also filled with carrots, eggs, radish, and a little something else? Whatever it all is, it actually tastes quite good! And how pretty is it?? I first ate gimbap when we had it for snack one day at school because without eating it, I would have starved until lunch. I definitely think I’m becoming a little less of a picky eater due to the restrictions I have from my normal “diet” (not a diet at all). I’m saying it here first – seaweed isn’t that bad afterall! (You can eat all my wasabi, though 🙂 )



April 8, 2015

There are so many cute things in Korea! The imperfectly translated phrase on this student’s pencil case is no exception. I hope, more often than not, we will maintain a high smile life. Cute things like this certainly help! 🙂

pencil case

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