The Daily Grind

April 9, 2015

Just another day in Cheongju! After work, I managed to make it to the gym again (hooray!) but on my way there I took a detour at an unexpected evening market. You could buy anything from clothes and blankets to octopus and kimchi. The market led me to a very pretty bridge that crosses over an empty river, but there were some cherry blossoms visible, which made me happy as I haven’t seen many of those yet.


April 10, 2015 

Payday! We finally arrived to our first payday since we’ve been in Korea. We only get paid once a month, which we are both not used to, but I’m sure it will be fine. To celebrate, we took a cab over to one of the newest spots in Cheongju which is called G-Well City. In a cab, we must ask for “G-Well Shitty, juseyo.” (The “s” sound before an “i” is always a “sh” sound.) My eyes lit up when we arrived at the sight of beautiful (and very tall) apartment buildings, a mall, and tons of restaurants, including another Ashley Buffet (!) and a TGI Fridays. We dined at the latter which means I have eaten at a Fridays in America, England, Czech Republic, and now Korea.  It was pretty expensive for Fridays, ~$15 for a burger? But it was very delicious! Keeping things interesting, a little Korean girl kept coming up to our table and smiling at us. At one point, she sneaked up from behind Kevin and started petting his arm. Quite hilarious.

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