How I Do Sick In Korea

I’m writing this post on Tuesday night and today was a great day at school (field trip!) and I have some adorable photos I can’t wait to share. I haven’t picked out which ones I want to include but I think it may be a lot, so I will post about it separately, probably tomorrow. In the meantime, this is how I spend time being sick in Korea…

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Even though I have been sick, my appetite has not been lacking. While I would love to just go to store and buy some chicken noodle soup, I can’t do that here (and I haven’t found the rice porridge place that is supposedly a decent alternative). Therefore, I resort to whatever I feel like eating. I bought this dish on Friday night and it served me well for both dinner and lunch the next day. This is Beijing Chicken from the Chinese cuisine restaurant by our work. We normally order the “hungry set” and share the whole meal, which comes with the chicken, rice balls, ramen, and Pepsi, but this order was just for the chicken and I ate it all by myself.

Beijing Chicken


Saturday itself was pretty boring because the only time I went out was for food when necessary. The first trip was for breakfast. Kevin and I went to Green Bottle because I thought it would be a good weekend to indulge in the delicious and most beautiful acai bowl. For some reason that I could not fully comprehend (literally), they could not make me an acai bowl. We left with just our fresh squeezed juices and promptly went to Lotteria for a McDonald’s-esque breakfast sandwich. Not exactly the nutritious breakfast I was going for, but delicious nonetheless.

When we returned, the Dodgers/Padres game was on tv. It was the live telecast from the Friday night game! Fun stuff. Kevin went to meet a friend in Daejeon and I binge-watched the latest 5 episodes of Catfish.

Anyway, I was hoping the Beijing Chicken would last me 3 meals through dinner but it didn’t, so I had to brave the world again and be seen sans make-up. This time, I went to what was close and easy – Burger King. I wanted the long chicken sandwich and they apparently ran out of the bread for it so I couldn’t get it afterall. What is it with restaurants always running out of things?? This is the first time it’s happened to me twice in one day but it’s quite common to see a “SOLD OUT” sticker on random menu items. How about just perfecting the purchasing and stocking operations?  /rant

Brought home the BK and watched more Netflix… womp womp.

BK netflix

I don’t even want to go into the escapade with the bug that happened around midnight. Let’s just say I won but it was a long and stressful battle. The bug put up a pretty good fight, aka I’m such a scaredy cat when it comes to bugs!


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spent the day in bed and on the couch, alternating between reading and watching Netflix (“The Layover” is another enjoyable show!). I went out at one point to get lunch and I got a pretty awesome lunch at that. I couldn’t deny my salivary glands as I walked by the signs for this delicious looking strawberry ice flake treat, so I got it! While I waited for them to make it I went next door to the chain NY Hot Dog & Coffee place and got a large order of chicken tenders. I’m really not a chicken tenders kinda gal, but my taste buds have become a lot more flexible since I’ve been in Korea. I think it’s a good thing.

My strawberry ice flake thing came with a vanilla popsicle and a yakgwa – so cool and delish!


Korea is full of cafes


strawberry ice flake


Monday, April 27, 2015

Returned to the doctor as instructed and as necessary since, despite all the meds I had, I got worse over the weekend. Now I’m on different meds and will return again on Thursday (it cost less for the second visit – only 3,800 KRW!). I think I am getting better now but I still have congestion and a cough – though nothing is on the same scale as it was this weekend. Occasionally my head feels like it’s in a fish bowl but once my ears finally pop I feel a bit better… The weekends are our time to go out and explore, meet people and just take a load off. It’s quite unfortunate having to be cooped up inside all day, particularly during the most beautiful weekend of the year, so I’m hoping to be better for the next one.

Here’s my sneaky picture of how crazy busy the doctor’s office was. It took forever this time around… but my coworker was with me so at least I was in good company. 🙂

waiting room


I look forward to sharing Tuesday’s events with you! It’s something a little different and was a lot of fun for us all! Have a great day.


2 thoughts on “How I Do Sick In Korea

    • Thanks, Julia! Went back to the doctor yesterday and he says I have mild bronchitis! I do feel like the new meds are working better though…. 6 more days of that then back to the doc again! Hope you’re well!

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