Pinnacle Land!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This day was Picnic Day at school and we had the opportunity to visit Pinnacle Land in Asan! This was a really fun day, in my opinion, and a nice break from the normal grind. Pinnacle Land is a large park with many different things to see, like beautiful flower gardens, a waterfall, observatory, and some animals, most of whom you can feed. There is also a wedding hall and some big open grassy spaces. Since I knew we were coming here, I decided to bring my dSLR with the 50mm lens so I could take pictures of beautiful scenery but keep it lightweight, too. Well, since I had my camera, I was deemed the official photographer of my class, basically their exclusive paparazzo.  Now I have a bunch of adorably awesome photos of the kiddos and the colorful surroundings!


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