It’s been a busy week here in Cheongju filled with lots of work, attempts at recovery and even a little bit of fun! Here’s the recap:

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

You know why I dislike being the cooking teacher? One reason is because I can’t cook. Apparently, I can’t even boil eggs…

hard boiled egg

Actually, I boiled a lot of great eggs, but when I tried to steam some at home, 2 came out a little funky, as shown in the picture above. Fortunately, I made enough properly boiled eggs to have my egg salad sandwich week go well. Phew! And hey – now I know I can make egg salad. A win for me!


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Here is a video of little Haenah singing the ABC’s. I seriously can’t get over her cute-ness, particularly the way she pronounces “Q” as “koo.”


She and her classmate Jaden love to form a train with our seats. I’ve taught them how to go “Choo! Choo!”

aqua train


After work I went back to the doctor. He diagnosed me with mild bronchitis and gave me an extended Amoxicillin prescription. Digression: I’ve started to feel better ever since I started Amoxicillin on Monday but just yesterday (Saturday) I noticed I developed a rash from it.  I basically look like I have Chicken Pox but I’ll spare you the photographic evidence. Fortunately it’s not itchy but I will be returning to the doctor after work on Monday. I would really just like to be all healthy for once. It’s kinda been awhile!


Friday, May 1, 2015

I decided that I was feeling well enough to venture out into the world and not be on bed rest. We went to Chungdae and saw a local expat band called The Primary perform. They were really good and they actually play all over Korea, having even been an opening act for Psy! Pretty cool!

The Primary


We walked around a lot and took notice to a restaurant we had not really seen before – Ching, the small intestine bar. Some people say it’s actually really good. I don’t think I’m quite there yet. Maybe in a couple more months I’ll be willing to give it a shot…small intestine bar


There are many claw machines all around this area – you know, the machines where you direct the claw on top of the toy you want and trigger the release in hopes it will grasp the toy and release it into the opening for your receipt, with a very limited success rate? Kevin tried the sushi cat plush toy claw machine for the second time, since I think they are just the cutest little things and really want one! Unfortunately, it seems nearly impossible to collect one from the claw machine. Boo.

Kevin and our friend Mo both spent 5,000KRW on a different claw machine filled with mostly Larva plush toys and some other choice characters, and they each got 32 chances to win! Mo didn’t end up collecting any toys during his turn, unfortunately, but Kevin ended up with 2 – the red Larva and a pink monster cat with 2 tails.

Next, we ventured into one of the arcades where Kevin and Mo shot airsoft rifles and didn’t score high enough to win anything, but with some pleading, scored a marshmallow piggy (Kevin) and a boxing glove (Mo), both of the cell phone adornment variety. It was here that Kevin spotted on the wall a fine display of sushi cats! He offered the cashier 5,000KRW in exchange for the cat and the cashier accepted! So now I am the proud new owner of Salmmy (with a silent L) the Sushi Cat! This and my multicolored pencil are now my favorite Korean souvenirs thus far.



Friday night ended with a 4:15am trip to Lotteria. They start serving breakfast at 4am so I tried another one of their sausage, egg and cheese McMuffins sandwiches. Meanwhile, Kevin was making new best chingu’s, 친구, or, in English, friends!


The group of guys took a bunch of selfies with Kevin and/or me so I thought it only fair if I got a photo with them, too!



Saturday, May 2, 2015

Now I can consider myself a true Korean resident because I am the proud owner of….sparkly shoes! It’s such a thing here and I can’t say I mind it!

I Love Flat

I bought my shoes at a store called I Love Flat. They have 3 different price points for shoes, 39,000 KRW, 45,000 KRW, or 49,000 KRW and lots of really cute choices!


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Not doing much today thanks to my total body rash. However, as aforementioned, I will spare you the visual. My parents weren’t so lucky. 🙂

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