Delicious Dessert Treats, Doctors and Dryers

This post is just a quick recap of the rest of the work week. A separate Saturday/Sunday post is forthcoming. 🙂


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The summer after freshman year of college I spent working at a Godiva Chocolatier store in LA. I ate a LOT of chocolate that summer (a broken piece of chocolate must not be sold; it must be disposed of… my tummy). The seasonal peach truffle was my favorite and if they are still selling it in the summer, I would highly recommend it. Anyway, one of our delicious dessert treats was a strawberry-banana kabob drizzled with milk or dark Godiva chocolate. If you worked the closing shift and any of the kabobs or chocolate-dipped strawberries didn’t sell, you got to take them home! The kabobs were my favorite and are something I have enjoyed recreating all these years later. I thought I would let the kindy kids get a taste! I like to use Shell chocolate at home, but I cannot find that here and regular chocolate syrup still tastes good… it’s impossible to go wrong here.


-Slice half a banana into 4 pieces

-Slice a large strawberry into 4 pieces

-Put the fruit slices onto the kabob stick, alternating between the two

-Drizzle with chocolate

-Eat and enjoy 🙂


cooking orion

My 7’s excited to eat their kabobs!


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Went back to the doctor after work. Fortunately, my rash aka “drug eruption” had mostly settled down by this point. The doctor ordered 4 more days of meds and said I don’t need to come back if I’m feeling all right after that (Finally! They know me by name there now!). I will not be returning, not because I feel 100%, but because I think 90% is the new 100% for me here.

My time spent at the doctor’s here in Korea is a lot different than at home. I have never been weighed, my blood pressure has never been taken, and I have never filled out forms regarding my personal or family history. Just have to accept the cultural differences, including the interesting things they may have you do after your visit with the doctor. For example….


I wonder why it would be necessary to shine UV light into your mouth?

I wonder why it would be necessary to shine UV light into your mouth?


I always frequent the nebulizer and breathe in steam for a couple minutes.

I always frequent the nebulizer and breathe in steam for a couple minutes.


Friday, May 8, 2015

Kevin and I found a laundromat a couple blocks away from our apartment and decided to spend the 3,500 KRW to dry our sheets! Building a sheet fort and risking not being able to sleep if they did not dry quick enough was not appealing. Also, I thought putting them on a high heat cycle would be great to really kill off all the germs from being sick. It was a really happy moment and well worth the 3,500. Honestly, I’m considering bringing more than just sheets there now… definitely towels and possible clothes sometimes, too. So happy to have this a quick walk away!



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