See Psy Perform “Gangnam Style”: ✓

That’s right! Within 3 months of landing in Korea, I have seen Psy perform! Guess that’s the highlight of my stay and I can come home now, eh? Just plaaaaaying. Anyway, skip toward the bottom if you want to see the footage from that. First I have to post from Sunday to get up-to-date.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

BRUNCH. I wanted the French toast but apparently the cafe we went to in Sannam-Dong either, A) ran out of ingredients to prepare it, or B) doesn’t make it anymore despite still advertising it. It’s really hard to actually understand why things are the way they are since we don’t speak the language. All I know is, way too frequently can I not order what I want to order because they don’t have it. The eggs benedict was good though and kept me full for a long time!

eggs benedict


Monday, May 18, 2015

There is so much “cute” in Korea and it’s one of the things I really like. I got this “pandorable” eye mask at Daiso (ie: best store ever) for I think 2,000 KRW. I’m on a mission to acquire as much cute stuff as I can.

panda eye mask


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Korea has some awesome office/stationary stores. I had seen a few of my students with these really neat multi-colored pencils and I knew I had to get one for myself! I decided to try my hand at a little drawing and unfortunately, the best thing I can do is my name. Practice makes perfect, right? I’ll need to stock up on these pencils before I leave because they are just really cool. Maybe they sell them in America and I just haven’t seen them yet? Let me know and I won’t buy an excessive amount here!

colored pencil

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

PSY-EE! PSY-EE! PSY-EE! That’s what it sounds like when you are in an arena full of tens of thousands of Korean students and locals cheering for their K-Pop fave, Psy! The “Gangnam Style” and “Hangover” singer came to Cheongju University to give 2 free concerts. How sweet is that? Even though it was late and I have to be up early for school, this is one of those events I just couldn’t miss. I mean, really – I just saw Psy. In Korea. For Free. That box is checked off now! Here’s a video I put together of him performing – you guessed it! – “Gangnam Style!” (And what a perfect segue into our quickly approaching long weekend away in Gangnam!)

A popular girl group called AOA also performed, as well as a boy band, but their name is escaping me right now. Apparently there is one singer with shoulder length hair and he is a comedian of sorts?

Anyway here’s the end of the boy band set:

Psy concert


Thursday, May 21, 2015

As I pulled up WordPress to post tonight, I realized I didn’t take any photos today except for the kids in my cooking class. The kids get their photos taken in nearly every class and they are put on some database online that the parents have access to so they can get a glimpse into the child’s life at school. There are actually videos of the 4 year old’s and me and I feel sorry that the mom’s have had to endure my poor pitch/tone/voice while singing the “ABC’s” and “Ten Little Monkeys.” 🙂 If the Korean teacher for the class cannot make it, I will take pictures of it myself for them (just for cooking), so I have a bunch right now.

These are Kevin’s 2 homeroom classes! He has some great kids. We made tuna sandwiches this week. One more class to go and then I’ll be happy not to be smelling tuna for awhile. Honestly, it smells a lot like cat food. I love tuna (and cats, duh) but it just seems to have a stronger odor here, haha.

Aries Delphinus


Well, tomorrow’s Friday and that means the start of the Memorial Day weekend back home in America! Fortunately, we won’t be jealous of the 3-day weekend because we get one as well! It’s Buddha’s Birthday weekend here in Korea and we don’t have school Monday, so Kevin and I are back on a bus to Seoul tomorrow after work for a nice getaway in Gangnam! We can’t wait to stay in a nice hotel that has a proper bathroom! Just thinking of it makes me so happy.

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