Buddha’s Birthday Weekend in Seoul

Kevin and I decided to spend a few nights in Seoul over Buddha’s Birthday Weekend (Memorial Day weekend back home). There is so much to see there and we were excited to have a little more time to explore. Here are some highlights!

Friday, May 22, 2015

After work we took an 8pm bus to Seoul and checked-into our hotel in Gangnam (yes, the neighborhood Psy sings about in “Gangnam Style”). It was so nice to walk into a clean hotel room with a proper bathroom. Not to mention…brushing my teeth in the bathroom sink, showering without wearing sandals in a glass-enclosed shower, and not having to turn on the hot water every time I want to use it. These little things were delightful and felt so normal. Reminded me of home.

The view from our 14th floor hotel room was also delightful! We could see Namsan Tower/N Seoul Tower lit up across the city, and all the way down toward Gangnam station.  We decided to take a little walk to explore the area.

View from the room taken with cell phone camera

View from the room taken with cell phone camera

I think the city has enjoyed the fame it has garnered from the song

I think the city has enjoyed the fame it has garnered from the song. This is a little stage situated near the entrance to Gangnam subway station

CNN Cafe - cool!

CNN Cafe – cool!

Gangnam manhole cover


Saturday, May 23, 2015

This was quite an eventful day! We started off with an awesome jungle cruise/safari where I was so happy to be surrounded by such beautiful animals.

jungle safari cruise

Unfortunately, while we were out on the water, we entered unchartered & dangerous territory and our ship was attacked by a giant barracuda. We lost our boat and the barracuda was about to swallow me before Kevin, my hero, came to my rescue!

shark fish attack


After a lot of time on the water, we decided it was in our best interest to get ourselves onto dry land! We decided to visit a local museum and had some fun near the da Vinci statue. I’ve been working on my headstands for a bit now. I’m almost there!

da Vinci statue


Lastly, after quite the adventure, we realized that we might have been the victims of a magic spell gone awry, as I have since grown in size and Kevin has shrunk. Now we get stared at more than we used to!

giant ashley

Kevin literally looks up to me now.




Okay, okay, I can sense your skepticism. You don’t believe that any of this happened? The truth is we did go to a museum – the “Trick Eye Museum” in Hongdae – which allowed us to have all sorts of wild and crazy adventures. We’ll be posting the full selection of photos on Facebook so if you are our Facebook friends you will see more there! This place was a blast and I feel like it’s not somewhere most people go when they vacation to Seoul, but if you are looking for something different, this is a great choice.


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Good Morning, Gangnam!

good morning gangnam

Our view in the daylight


It’s time to pay a proper visit to Gyeongbokgung Palace, the largest of all five palaces built by the Joseon Dynasty. Here are some shots from our visit. For more information, visit the palace website.

Geunjeongjeon Hall, the throne hall


Gyeonghoeru Pavilion – where the king threw feasts for foreign envoys or court officials


Hyangwonjeong Pavilion





We tried to take the cable car up to Namsan Tower around dusk to be able to capture some shots in daylight and at night, but the line for the cable car was horrendously long. We have learned our lesson and fortunately for us, we aren’t limited to a “1 week vacation” in Korea where we have to jam pack everything into our days. We can come back another time, and now we know to head over a little earlier. Also, I don’t know how anyone has jam packed weeks here because our feet have been killing us all weekend. Crazy amount of walking here, even just transferring from one subway line to the next. Seoul is huge, huge huge!

Anyway, we got closer to the tower and got to take some pics of it! There is a revolving restaurant at the top which makes a full revolution every 48 minutes.

N Seoul Tower


When we were walking through Myeongdong, I was able to find the shirt I’ve been wanting for only 7,000 KRW! I was so excited. See it here:

hangul shirt

Basically, you can tell that these are the names of major global cities. The “funny” characters in the words are actually Hangul letters which have the same/similar pronunciation of the letters that would be in those words. So for the first one, the “ㅅ” character sounds like an “s”, thus, Seoul. You may also notice that “ㄹ” is used for both the “r” in Paris and the “l” in London and Milano. The “ㄹ” sounds like an l/r, which is the reason you may hear people use R’s instead of L’s at times.


Monday, May 25, 2015

Not much to report from today. Our legs and feet were utterly exhausted from the weekend so we decided to take advantage of the 12pm hotel check-out and sleep in as late as possible. We moseyed to the bus station and took a 1:35pm bus back to Cheongju. Since, I have done laundry and Kevin and I actually made pasta in our apartment for the first time. Those who know me know that boiling pasta is quite a frequent occurrence in the Ashley household, but it has really ceased since arriving in the Land of the Morning Calm. Maybe we’ll start to bring it back now.

Here’s my cute sock haul for the weekend:

cute seoul socks



8 thoughts on “Buddha’s Birthday Weekend in Seoul

    • Hi there! We had so much fun at Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae! You may share our photos on your blog. I have others photos I didn’t post if you would like me to send you some. Let me know if you need anything else! Thank you 🙂


  1. The Trick Eye Museum looks like a lot of fun… And did you really made a handstand or was that only an illusion? Ooops, it’s supposed to be a secret. Sorry for asking… (Wink!) 🙂

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