Lotte World!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

A day well spent at LOTTE WORLD! What is Lotte World, you ask?

First of all, Lotte is a huge conglomerate here in Korea. You may go for a quick burger or 4am breakfast at Lotteria, you may shop at Lotte Department Store, you may live in Lotte Castle apartments, you may stay at a Lotte Hotel, you may watch a movie at Lotte Cinema, you may be insured by Lotte Insurance, and you may be entertained at Lotte World theme park in Seoul, one of the word’s largest indoor theme parks.

When I walked into Lotte World, I was amazed. It’s like I walked into a fantasy land with castles, magic and whimsy.

Lotte World1

Lotte World 2


Lotte World 3

Lotte World 4


We were invited by another couple and unfortunately, Kevin couldn’t join us! He had already made plans to go to Daejeon and spend time with a good friend. I wanted to let them have some boy time so I decided not to go and instead accepted the invitation to Lotte World! We found 1 other to join us so I would have a seat partner for all the rides.

Here is our group:

Lotte World Selfie

The selfie stick is quite a useful invention

What is really awesome is that we represent 4 different countries in this photo. The little city of Cheongju, South Korea has brought together people from all over the world. From L-R we have Canada, USA, UK, and Korea!

selfie 2


Continuing, Lotte World has a little “museum” of sorts that was pretty much an extension of the Trick Eye Museum we had visited the weekend before! We had some fun in there…

angelic ashley

I’m so angelic sometimes.

A fun mirror?

A fun mirror?


We went on 6 rides while we were there, including French Revolution, Pharoah’s Fury, Atlantis, Gyro Swing (never again…), Bungee Drop and Comet Escape. It was an interesting dynamic, being pretty whimpy sometimes, waiting in line for rides I knew absolutely nothing about. I endured the rocket launches, loops and drops to come out alive and well in the end. Phew! I’m pretty sure my car on Comet Escape was malfunctioning as it spun like crazy while the others just spun moderately, but it didn’t spin off, so we’re all okay.

One thing is for certain, Korea remains such a “cute” obsessed country. Presentation is very important and they do not skimp. Check out these adorable ice cream cones!

cute ice cream


Lotte World isn’t just indoors. There is the outdoor Magic Island, which has a castle that strangely resembles another castle I know….

Lotte World 5

Between this, the Peter Pan show that was going on at the theatre, and all the unlicensed Mickey Mouse clothing that is sold everywhere, including mouse ears at this park, it is no mistake that Korea loves all things Disney. Let’s also note that Disneyland opened in 1955 and Lotte World opened in 1989. Just saying.

There is also a Lotte World Water Park and Aquarium.

All over the park, we saw adorable Korean couples dressed alike, or wearing “couple outfits,” taking selfies. Kevin and I already have the same shoes so I would love to get a matching shirt so we can have a “couple outfit” of our own. Gotta embrace the culture, right? “Couple underwear” is also big here.

After about 8 hours, we took the bus back to Cheongju, ate some delicious pork barbecue, and joined the local expat scene at the bars. It was a long day but extremely fun! We ended the night “early” around 3:30 AM.

For more information on Lotte World, visit the website here.



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