Short Walks, Late Nights and Creative Pizza

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Since I don’t teach any elementary classes on Tuesday afternoons, I had a little time to figure out the post office here in Korea. The one in our “dong” (neighborhood) is located inside the government building close to what is known as “Toad Park.” This is a nice little grassy area next to the Toad Ecological Center.  It was a nice break from the mundane work day. I love to escape and take walks to get fresh air on beautiful days. It’s also really nice to see some greenery which we simply do not see enough of around here!

Toad Park 1

Toad Park 2


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Went to school with a braid & a bow and I fit right in! The “pretty bow” in Korea transcends age and it is fully acceptable for women of any age to don one. Whenever I wear a braid, the kids call me “Elsa Teacher” after the character in Frozen.

pretty bow


Thursday, May 28, 2015

As aforementioned, the mothers of my high-level 7-year old class do not want the Korean mentor teacher teaching them any longer. This was discussed and decided while she was away on her honeymoon. She was supposed to come back to work on Tuesday but she has not returned. This really saddens me. Apparently, she and the director discussed some options. Based on what I know, I believe the options were she can come back part-time to teach the 6-year old class she has and elementary, and her substitute (teacher from last year) will continue with my class; OR she can leave. She is supposed to be making a decision soon… the kids all ask when she is coming back and it’s really awkward because I have no idea.

Regardless, I am working with the teacher from last year and the positive thing is that she really does know what she is doing. Since it is the beginning of the second quarter, we have been busy preparing to make it better than the first quarter. This involves making worksheets, etc. and required me to stay at work (alone) on Thursday until 8:30pm (an 11.5 hour workday…..what I was hoping to be taking a break from doing….). Due to the extent of work that needs to be completed by next week (progress reports, Q2 plans, etc.), I sense at least 1 or 2 more late nights coming up.

So what does a girl do when it’s late and she’s exhausted but needs to eat?

Make apples & peanut butter for dinner.

apples and peanut butter


Friday, May 29, 2015

Happy Birthday to my mom!! Hope you had a nice day and are having a nice time in Atlantic City!

For dinner, Kevin and I wanted to try something new so we hit up the chain pizza restaurant called Mr. Pizza. Pizza in Korea is very fascinating. It’s very expensive, first of all, and the options available to us are endless, and…strange. Do you want sweet potato on your pizza? No problem! Do you want shrimp and/or mayonnaise on your pizza? You got it! Do you want an egg crust? Sure thing!

This page of the menu illustrates a variety of crust options, including, but not limited to hash brown, cream cheese and egg tart. I had the “origin” which tasted great. Very unadventurous of me, but for expensive pizza it’s best to play it safe.

Click on the menu for a larger view

Click on the menu for a larger view

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