School Days and Costco!

A brief recap of the last week:

Sunday, May 31, 2015 

It’s my goal to make this little dingy apartment feel more like a home. When I saw these mini clothespins laying around, I knew what had to be done! Now we just need to make more Instax photos to fill up the line!

clothespin photos

Monday, June 1, 2015

Our official 3 month mark! We’ve been here a quarter of a year. March seems like such a long time ago but time also flies, eh?

I took some photos with my little “4” year old’s. Little did I know it would be my last class with Jaden! He was always set to move away at the end of the month, (which will cease my 4 year old class entirely, meaning no more Haenah for me, which will quite possibly make me cry), but due to the MERS scare, his parents decided to just pull him out of school for June.

They look so angelic...

They look so angelic…

I want YOU

I want YOU

In addition to Jaden, I have also lost one of my 7 year old students, Jimmy. His parents felt he wasn’t on the same level as the kids in the class (it is the highest level), and switched schools. I don’t even know if Jimmy knew. He never mentioned anything and I never got to stay goodbye.

2015 is the year of the sheep/goat/ram in the Chinese zodiac. We came across this adorable cake and it’s just too cute not to share.

ram cake

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

On Tuesdays, I have “Special Brain-Up” with my 7 year old’s, which is basically an organized play time. This week we played the Alphabet Game. Basically, I pick a letter, and they have 3 minutes in their team to come up with a girl name, boy name, animal, place, toy, food and weather that start with the chosen letter (similar to Scattergories). I give them their own piece of paper to write it on, and then after the 3 minutes, they read aloud their answers to me as I put them on the board. They get 10 points for an acceptable answer, 5 points if they share the answer with another team, and 0 points for an unacceptable or non-answer. I had them choose team names and they have a lot of fun with it! I try to teach them some strategy. Since they are so young, certain kids tend to call out answers loudly while they are filling in the chart, which sparks the other team to want to put the same thing. I’ll go over and remind them they will only get 5 points for the same answer, so try to think of something else. If they can’t, 5 points is better than 0!

Creative Kiddos

Creative Kiddos

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I teach my 7 year old’s 3 times on Wednesdays, but as I’ve mentioned before, the mom’s decided the whole class should be absent due to MERS. That meant I had 3 free periods I don’t normally have! Yahoo! Wednesdays are my busiest day with no break so this was a really nice treat. I don’t teach the 4 year old’s on Wednesdays but Haenah was chilling in the teacher’s room with us for a little bit. Such a cutie pie.

Busy at work!

Busy at work!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Since only half of my 7 year old class was in attendance, instead of moving forward with the textbook and putting half the class behind, I had them do a writing assignment instead. This is also really convenient because Parent/Teacher Meetings start next week and it will add good decoration to put onto the walls of the classroom!

Daniel's penmanship is nicer than my own!

Daniel’s penmanship is nicer than my own!

Friday, June 5, 2015

A day off from school due to the MERS outbreak. Kevin and I decided, while concerned about contracting such an illness, to brave the world and head to Costco on our only non-holiday weekday off we will ever have. Costco is in Daejeon, so we had to take a bus. From the South Cheongju bus stop, a nice 20-minute walk from our house, it only costs about $3 and took only 30 minutes to get to Daejeon! Incredible. Beats having to pay $6 one way (taxi) to get to the bus terminal, then another $3.80 for the ticket, only to waste time picking up at other stops around the city, including the South Cheongju stop.

Costco was a pleasure this time. We went mid-day on a Saturday last time and it was a disastrous experience we vowed never to do again. This time, it was near empty, for Costco standards, and we weren’t challenged to find a lunch table, fighting our way through aisles, and missing samples because one person would take 5 right before us.

A look at the lower level of Costco. Just like home!

A look at the lower level of Costco. Just like home!

Aside from the bulgogi bake and mushroom soup, you can get all the same delights of Costco in America!

Aside from the bulgogi bake and mushroom soup, you can get all the same delights of Costco in America!

So that’s the week in a nutshell! Saturday will have its own post because I predict many photos for the day’s events. Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy! Miss you all….

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