Quadruplet Day & More

When one originally thinks of moving abroad, the images in one’s head are full of excitement and adventure – never a dull moment! The reality is, when you are working abroad as well, Monday through Friday life can still feel a bit routine. Wake up – Go to work – Eat Dinner – Relax/Play/Work-out (on a good day) – Sleep. Repeat. While the job itself offers a new perspective on work, and the kids can be an endless source of entertainment, it’s still work and it’s still an exhausting 9-6. I try to find interesting things to share from the workweek, but sometimes it’s not that interesting over here (or as interesting as you may expect), and I guess this is just my little disclaimer.  Regardless, I hope you enjoy the brief recap from this week!

Monday, July 6, 2015

I was walking over to my 1st grade elementary class on Monday and noticed one of my students was also wearing a pink shirt and denim bottoms. I was excited, exclaiming to her, “We match! Look! Same same!” She just smiled. When we walked into class, I noticed another girl was also wearing the same combination of clothing. To my surprise, another girl walked in, also donning the same combo! I HAD to get a photo. These girls are learning English for their first time in this class and I’m pretty sure they didn’t understand what was going on at all, but they appeased me and posed for a photo.

We didn't even plan it!

We didn’t even plan it!

Tuesday, July 7 , 2015

While public transportation in Korea is pretty much excellent, the intracity bus system in Cheongju leaves something to be desired. It never matches up to the schedule on Google maps and I am consistently inconvenienced, often unable to take a bus and forced to take a cab. I was headed to my friend’s place after work on Tuesday. The bus I took was not the one I was supposed to be on – that one didn’t come – but it got me closer to my destination. From there, I was supposed to get on another bus, but it wasn’t displaying on the bus schedule. I was only about a kilometer away so I decided to walk, but not before stopping by the Starbucks in Lotte Mart where I’m able to buy 1 banana for approx. $1.20. Ridiculous, no? Lucky for me, I have Starbucks gift cards with which I buy my single bananas. Best potassium! (And yes I just said that in a Borat voice.)

Anyway, this photo has nothing to do with expensive bananas or the troubling bus system. This photo for today is taken right outside the Starbucks in Lotte Mart. These telephone booths and lamp posts make me feel for a split second I’m back studying in England. Do you see the woman inside the phone booth? At first I thought she might notice me taking a photo but then I realized she’s not actually a woman…. she’s fake! This is just a bit of decoration in the city I suppose and I think it’s pretty cool – so that’s why I snapped a photo.

Teleporting to England

Teleporting to England – wouldn’t that be cool?

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Kevin’s kids love him and they also love to be picked-up by him! Here’s 7-year old Joy having some fun with Kevin Teacher.

Super Joy to the rescue!

Super Joy to the rescue!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

After work Thursday, Kevin and I took a stroll to the Thursday Market that is just a couple blocks away. You can buy anything from blankets and clothes to pig hooves and octopus. You can also buy ice-cream waffles, and that’s what we did! See the stand in the front of the picture? Well – 와플 – means “waffle” in Hangul. It’s actually a loan word too! The first syllable, 와, is pronounced “wa” and the second syllable, 플, is pronounced “pul.” Put them together and you get “wa-pul” or “waffle.” Remember, there is no “F” sound in Korean. You can’t see the writing above 와플 very easily but it says “ice cream” in Korean – also a loan word and 5 syllables long against our 2. 아이스크림 is pronounced “ah-ee-su-ku-rim.” Say it fast and you’ll hear it better. Honestly, reading and understanding Korean loan words is like a real life game of Mad Gab!

Thursday Market in Sannam-dong

Thursday Market in Sannam-dong

Friday, July 10, 2015

I realized I didn’t take any photos today – oops – but I did take video and was able to capture a snapshot from that. After work we met up with some friends at one of the expat bars and had dinner and played some games. We got into a really long game of Cards Against Humanity, and out of 8 of us (4 Americans vs. 4 Brits), I came out victorious with 15 wins!

“Dear Abby….”

Hope you all had a great week! Enjoy the weekend. 🙂

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