Girls’ Day Out in Seoul

Saturday, July 18, 2015

A couple friends and I spent a nice day in Seoul, taking in worldly cuisines and enjoying a Han River night cruise.

The majority of our time was spent in Itaewon, the global neighborhood of Seoul. We had Greek gyros for lunch, Turkish ice-cream as a snack, and Mexican burritos/quesadillas for dinner. It was simply delightful.

We walked around parts of Itaewon that we hadn’t been to before and found, what we appropriately named, Antique Alley. There are tons of antique stores in this area, American/Western antiques no less!  I really don’t enjoy antique shopping that much but it is always nice to get a glimpse of home here.

We also enjoyed some time on the Han River. We got to witness the exciting Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain from the water, and took silly pictures with the light-up angel wings and giant hearts.

We ate delicious churros from the first food trucks I’ve seen in the country. That really hit the spot. Churros are a huge “thing” here. I’m not complaining.

We also walked up piano stairs – stairs that light up and play music when you step on them!

Take a look at the gallery and videos below for footage from our day!

We had a great day! If you are interested in taking a Han River Night Cruise, I would definitely recommend it! It’s $14 and was a unique thing to do in the city. We booked it on this website.

2 thoughts on “Girls’ Day Out in Seoul

  1. Beautiful photos. Loved the Rainbow Fountain, just beautiful. Mostly loved how the ice cream looked, bet it was yummy.
    Enjoyed watching you come down the musical stairs. That was just amazing that someone would think of light-up stairs as you walk on them. Good Job all together. Happy you had a great time.

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