You’re Still So Fast and Funky

Sunday, August 9, 2015

When we first got here in March, there was this little barren plot of land right down the street from our apartment. Recently, they have been planting in this plot and other plots nearby. The problem is they have really failed to maintain said plots. These corn stalks are already dead and haven’t been there very long at all. There’s another plot, maybe 100 feet away, that’s full of dead flowers. If you’re going to plant things, take care of them??

Corn in Korean is pronounced "oksusu."

Corn in Korean is pronounced “oksusu.”

Monday, August 10, 2015

On Mondays, I have bus duty after the last elementary class of the day. That means I have to take the kids down in the elevator and make sure they get onto their buses. The elevator isn’t big enough for all of us and it’s a squishy ride down!

How many kids can fit in the elevator?

How many kids can fit in the elevator?

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I had art class with the higher level 5 year old’s today. They are a sweet bunch and one of the students is named Ashley! Whenever I come in to teach the class, the other kids always say, “Ashyulee and Ashyulee!” Yes, we are twins! Our drawing assignment today was cats! Ashley decided to draw a princess cat and it was stinkin’ adorable, as is she (but she has a devilish brother…).

Princess Cat has a beautiful crown!

Princess Cat has a beautiful crown!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kevin and I went to our first dentist appointment in Korea! I’d say it was a success. English speaking staff, no cavities, prompt service, and only 15,000 KRW. Cheaper than at home! We went to a dental clinic downtown and walked around after.

I bought some mascara from Etude House. There are so many make-up stores in Korea and I read this is the brand the college students use because it’s inexpensive, hah. I just needed the one thing and thought I’d try it out. Though, it’s a really pretty store-front and the bag they give you matches!

Cute storefront

Cute storefront

I also saw this shirt in Home Plus and considered buying it never. But I had to at least take a photo!

Um, what?

Um, what?

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Today was one of my students’ (Daniel’s) last day at our school. He got into an international school in Jeju and will be going there from now on. This was his third year at our school and he’s made some really close friendships. It was very sweet to see his classmates all give him a hug goodbye and tell him that they’ll miss him. But they will see each other again! He will come back for yearbook photos and to graduate.

Enough about the kids, though, it’s hard on me, too! He’s really grown on me these last 5.5 months and he has a very sweet heart. I’ll miss having him in class. Goodbyes are never easy!

We'll miss you, Daniel! (D is the bottom left)

We’ll miss you, Daniel! (D is the bottom left)

Remember the little kid from my last weekly post who was wearing the Orioles shirt? Well, today he was wearing a Dodgers shirt! Check out this video of him! And Go Blue!

Korea’s Liberation Day, or Gwangbokjeol, is this Saturday, marking 70 years of independence from Japanese imperialism. We weren’t supposed to have Friday off because the holiday is on Saturday (perhaps public schools are granted the supplementary day off when a holiday falls on a weekend, but with private schools it is up to the discretion of the director). Since it is an important anniversary, the government has basically made Friday a holiday, too, and is encouraging weekend travel by reducing toll fees to ZERO! Very surprisingly, our school ended up deciding to close for the holiday. The roads are sure to be a mess but we are very happy to have tomorrow off!

We will be enjoying a relaxing afternoon by the Hwayangdong River in the Songisan National Park. Perhaps Saturday we will venture back to Jeonju, as we have wanted since our tour there in June. Will update upon return!

Happy Summer!!

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