Photo-a-Day Hawaii: Day 3

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Not a typical Hawaiian vacation day, I must say. I started off with a 9am appointment at a local hair salon to fix the botched highlight job I got in Korea a week ago. I am feeling so much better now!! No more trying to put creative braids in my hair to mask the splotchiness and lack of blending!

When I returned from the hair salon it was time for the photo seminar at the resort. It was led by a woman we met yesterday, whose local photographs are stunning and inspiring. I feel like those words don’t even do them justice. View them here. Hawaii is really just the perfect background. It was nice to have a refresher course in all things exposure! Melody is a wonderful teacher and I hope to be able to take photos as beautiful as hers one day.

After some down time, and some delicious garlic shrimp, Kevin and I drove to Nanakuli, where we stopped for sunset amidst the light drizzle.

Nanakuli at sunset

Nanakuli at sunset

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