Photo-a-Day Hawaii: Days 4, 5 & 6

Day 4 – September 16, 2015

We walked along the Ko’Olina lagoons at sunset, and what a marvelous sight it was! Sunsets just don’t get old in Hawaii; they are always stunning. It was difficult to choose just 1 photo to share with you, but this is one of my favorites from the evening. Notice the little palapa mixed in with the coconut trees. Or is it “palapa” just in Mexico? Tiki umbrella, here, perhaps? 🙂

Sunset on night 4

Sunset on night 4

Day 5 – Thursday, September 17, 2015

We left beautiful Ko’Olina (“Place of Joy” – indeed) for the hustle and bustle of Waikiki this morning. We will be staying in Waikiki for the remainder of our trip, using it as our base as we further explore all parts of the island. For today, we remained local and took in the sun and surf right here in Waikiki. After a typical Hawaiian rain shower, a beautiful rainbow revealed itself for all to enjoy!

Rainbow as seen from Waikiki Beach

Rainbow as seen from Waikiki Beach

Day 6 – Friday, September 18, 2015

Today, we visited the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. This was one of the battleships destroyed by the Japanese on Dec. 7, 1941- the day that lives in infamy. The memorial itself sits perpendicular over the sunken ship, and over the remains of hundreds of fallen soldiers. There are parts of the ship that breach the water’s surface, such as gun turret no. 3, the funnel/smokestack (pictured), remnants of gun turret no. 2, and mooring bitts.

USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor

USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor

Some interesting facts:

  • When I sent my visa paperwork to the Korean consulate in Washington, DC back in February, I used a $19.99 stamp, on which is the USS Arizona Memorial. I took and chose the picture for today without realizing it resembles the stamp’s illustration.
  • Former crewmembers who survived the attack but who later passed away are able to have their remains deposited beneath the gun turrets of the ship.
  • Fuel still leaks from the ship’s wreckage because 1.5 million gallons of fuel had been loaded onto the ship the day before the attack.

This is a very moving memorial and if you ever find yourself on Oahu, take some time away from the beaches and take in a little history.


Have a great weekend, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Photo-a-Day Hawaii: Days 4, 5 & 6

  1. Great post, love how you caught the rainbow and the time you took to explain the Memorial–some things didn’t know myself.Good job. Have another great day. Hope everything is okay with the hotel.  love you Mommy. Bella is sitting by me, & she’s barking her hello to you–Woof-Woof.

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