10 Things To Expect When Moving To Asia To Teach ESL


Hi everyone! This is my featured guest post on the blog “Breaking La Barrier,” which will follow an American guy named Wade on a mission to break down cultural barriers, starting this January in China! If you have enjoyed following along with my Asian adventures, you will certainly enjoy following along with his!

To help him prepare, I put together this list of “10 Things To Expect When Moving to Asia To Teach ESL.” Enjoy!”

This is a guest post by Ashley Gold of The Daily Snap. You can read her bio below.

So you’ve made the bold and adventurous decision to uproot your life and move halfway across the world to teach English in Asia? Right on! You know you will be completely immersed in another culture and will have easier opportunities to travel the continent, but what else can you expect? Below is a list of some realistic expectations before you set off on your grand adventure!

  1. Professional etiquette is based on social status.                                                                                                                    …

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