Fireside Chat with Hoda Kotb

On Friday, I was lucky enough to attend a Fireside Chat with Today Show host Hoda Kotb. The event was put on by Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business and the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, aka Hoda’s (and my) alma mater! Capital One hosted the event in a beautiful auditorium as a part of their Women’s Leadership group.

During the chat, Hoda talked about her journey from Virginia Tech to NBC and the business lessons she’s learned along the way. These were great lessons in perseverance, positivity, and “just ask.” The path to where she is now wasn’t easy, but she never gave up and always fought for what she wanted.

This event aligned with her current book tour. She recently released her new book, Where We Belong. Lucky for us in attendance, we received free copies! That meant I got to return the one I bought in anticipation of the event.

After the chat ended, we got to get our book signed by Hoda and got a photo with her! Totally made my day. To top it off, Hokie Bird was there and we got photos with him, as well.

Not only did my new boss allow me to take the time off work to go to this event, he encouraged me to add it as an external training event so I could get training credits for it. I feel lucky to work with such supportive individuals.

Enjoy some photos from the event!

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