Photo Challenge: Vibrant

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Vibrant

I knew exactly what photo I wanted to share with you for this challenge. Only problem? I hadn’t yet taken it! Finally, today, I was able to make it to the Renwick Gallery’s aptly named WONDER Exhibit, where I got more “vibrant” than I bargained for! For my featured photo, I couldn’t choose just one…

These photos are from Gabriel Dawe’s installation called Plexus A1. What appear to be beautiful rays of light inside a museum gallery is actually a bunch of woven thread. Impressive (and vibrant)!

I came to the exhibit wanting to see Plexus A1 and not really knowing about anything else. Turns out, this wasn’t the only vibrant piece in the museum!



The top 3 pictures are from Janet Echelman’s piece entitled 1.8. Per the pamphlet I picked up, “it explores volume without mass in a suspended net that surges across the Grand Salon in waves evoking a tsunami.” The bottom 2 photos are from Jennifer Angus’ In The Midnight Garden. All the pieces that make up her design are insects. Yes, real insects. Beatles, cicadas, butterflies, etc.  Some are huge!



Want to see WONDER for yourself?

Great! Make sure to go before May 8, 2016 to see all the installations! Some will be removed that date, including Jennifer Angus’. Others, including Gabriel Dawe’s, will be removed July 10, 2016. Janet Echelman’s will be here all year. We couldn’t, but if you can go during the week when crowds are smaller, definitely do that. Expect to wait in line to get in, but the line goes pretty quickly. Also, it’s FREE! Gotta love the Smithsonian.


What is the Renwick Gallery?

It’s America’s first building designed specifically to be an art museum! It was built in 1859 for William Wilson Corcoran’s art collection. The museum was restored in 1972 after closing in the 60’s. It reopened as the Renwick Gallery and became the home to the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s collection of contemporary craft and decorative art. It reopened again in November 2015 after an extensive 2-year renovation. WONDER is the opening exhibition. The Renwick Gallery is located on the famous Pennsylvania Ave. (@17th St. NW), and it’s diagonally across the street from the White House.


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